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Understanding Graduate Jobs

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Graduate Jobs - Rolls-Royce Business Graduates

Graduate Jobs are full-time fixed term roles, targeted at those who have recently completed a University Degree. Most Engineering, Design or other technical roles usually require a qualification in a discipline directly related to the role available. Non-technical roles such as Business, Sales or Marketing, are often more flexible on the type of course studied.…

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Apprenticeship or University?

Bentley Apprenticeship - Bentley Leather Trim Shop Apprentice 01

There comes a time when you have to make a choice: “Apprenticeship or University? Do I stay on at school and do my A-levels so I can go to University? Or do I leave school at 16 and apply for an Apprenticeship?” There are no wrong or right answer to these questions. An Apprenticeship is…

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