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Graduate Jobs in Motorsport

Graduate Jobs in Motorsport - M-Sport Graduate Jobs - Bentley Continental GT3

If you have a passion for motor racing, there are many exciting Graduate Jobs in Motorsport with race teams and engineering companies in the UK. Many of these companies are located in “Motorsport Valley”, which stretches across the Midlands and Oxfordshire, as well as Northamptonshire. A recent review by the Motorsports Industry Association into the economic…

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Engineering Apprenticeships

Engineering Apprenticeships - Colas Rail Apprenticeship - High Speed Rail College 01

Engineering Apprenticeships are designed for people who want to know how things work, or how things are made. There are a wide range of roles on offer with companies all across the UK. In this blog, we will take a look at Engineering Apprenticeships in just four industries: Automotive, Aviation, Civil Engineering and Rail. We will also…

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