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Automotive Apprenticeships

Automotive Apprenticeships - JCB Apprenticeships - JCB Young Talent Programme

There are many different types of Automotive Apprenticeships available in the Automotive industry, all across the UK. Here, we are going to look at four main sectors: Car Dealerships, Car Manufacturers, Bus & Truck & Off-Highway vehicles, and also what is known as the Supply Chain. All these Automotive Apprenticeships work towards a professional qualification…

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Apprenticeships in Wales

Apprenticeships in Wales - MAN Truck and Bus UK Apprenticeships - P_TGS_EOT_MY2018-9

You may be surprised to learn there are many different companies offering Apprenticeships in Wales. In fact, the Automotive industry offers Apprenticeships all across Wales. Almost every reasonable-sized town¬†will have several car dealerships which offer Service Technician, Service Advisor or Parts Advisor Apprenticeships. Some will also offer Body Repair and Paint Technician Apprenticeships. However, the…

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Automotive Graduate Jobs

Automotive Graduate Jobs - DCA Design International Graduate Jobs - Transport Design Studio 2

  The majority of car manufacturers offer a wide range of Automotive Graduate Jobs across a number of different departments, including: Product Engineering. Manufacturing Engineering. Commercial Engineering. Engineering Quality. Design. Purchasing. Human Resources. Finance. Marketing, Sales & Service. Supply Chain & Logistics. Information Technology. Property. Graduate Schemes can vary from 12-24 months. Most companies begin…

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Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships

Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships - Mahle Industries Graduate Jobs - Mahle Motorsport

Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships: What is Mechanical Engineering? Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships are at the heart of everything that is designed and manufactured. From the very smallest spring or valve in an internal combustion engine, to the very largest roller on a road-rolling vehicle. Every component has to be designed, tested, prototyped, manufactured and put into production.…

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