Apprenticeships with Griffon Hoverwork

There are a range of Griffon Hoverwork Apprenticeship roles available at the company’s Southampton manufacturing base. Apprenticeship roles are available in Marine Engineering, Aluminium Fabricating and Welding, CAD Design, as well as Sales and Marketing.

Griffon Hoverwork craft operate in over 40 countries, ranging from the humid jungles of South America to the dry heat of the Middle East and to the frozen ice fields of the Arctic.  The company recently won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise due to success as an International Exporter.

Griffon Hoverwork is at the forefront of hovercraft development and has been manufacturing and operating hovercraft since they were first conceived, over 50 years ago. Customers “fly” the company’s hovercraft in all 5 continents and the company provides technical support to over 200 hovercraft in over 41 countries.

Today, Griffon Hoverwork’s hovercraft are in use all around the globe. Clients use them for survey work and civil engineering support; logistics and cargo carrying; passenger ferries; coastal, ice and airport crash rescue; as well as mobile medical clinics.

The company’s hovercraft are also in use by those responsible for national security and military operations. Missions include: border patrol and surveillance; policing and customs duties; marine interdiction and infra structure security; weapons platforms, as well as troop carriers and logistics vehicles

Griffon Hoverwork Apprenticeship Programme

Griffon Hoverwork has also been recognised in the prestigious Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers list. This is compiled annually by the National Apprenticeship Service in partnership with City & Guilds and recognises excellence in businesses that employ apprentices.

Griffon Hoverwork has 20 apprentices, aged 17 to 28, of which 5 have graduated. Apprentices train as marine engineers, electricians and outfitters, GRP specialists, aluminium fabricators and welders, as well as CAD designers. In fact, all apprentices complete their programmes and go on to be promoted.

Most apprentices work under the supervision of experienced engineers or mentors, as well as attending Southampton City College one or two days a week. Furthermore, City College Marine centre is located only 100 yards away from the Griffon Hoverwork site, which allows close contact and support between the college and the company.

Roles Available with Griffon Hoverwork

There are a range of Griffon Hoverwork Apprenticeship roles at the company’s Southampton manufacturing base, including:

  • Marine Electrical, Marine Engineering, Marine Outfitters, and Marine Composites Technicians
  • Aluminium Fabricators/Welders
  • Stores
  • CAD Draughtsman
  • Sales and Marketing/Customer Service

Education Requirements for Griffon Hoverwork

The Education Requirements for Griffon Hoverwork Apprenticeship roles can vary according to the specific role for which you are applying. However, general guidelines are as follows:

  • 3 GCSEs including Maths and English for most roles.
  • 5 GCSEs including Maths and English for the CAD and Sales roles.

Candidates interested in a Griffon Hoverwork Apprenticeship role should refer to the company website for the Education Requirements for specific roles currently available.

When can I apply for an apprenticeship at Griffon Hoverwork?

Candidates interested in a Griffon Hoverwork Apprenticeship role should refer to the company website for the Application Dates for specific roles currently available.

To find out more about this Apprenticeship at Griffon Hoverwork register now:

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