Apprenticeships with Hadley Group

There are a range of Hadley Group Apprenticeship roles available across the business in both Production and Technical departments. Hadley Group Apprenticeship roles are based at one of the company’s 4 manufacturing sites across the West Midlands.

The company was founded in 1961 and has four key manufacturing sites in the West Midlands:

Administrative hub, as well as a centre of precision engineering and manufacturing excellence providing the blueprint for international standardisation.

Hadley Group Technology
Offering a complete bespoke product innovation service, encompassing product design, as well as research & development. It also offers prototype testing pre-transition to high volume manufacturing.

Hadley Allied Products
Offering complementary engineering and manufacturing capabilities, including virtual simulation of products at concept stage, prototyping, batch production and volume production of pressed parts.

Rollform Sections Ltd
Specialising in complex cold rolled formed profiles including Hadley Vineposts. New 300 tonne capacity Zani mechanical press supported by identical presses in Germany and Dubai providing global standardisation and speed of delivery.

In the Transport sector, the Hadley Group provide a range of different products and services:

  • Automotive: a range of durable, safe sections with high strength to weight ratios which are critical to automotive companies.
  • Commercial Vehicles: a comprehensive range of standard and custom-designed cold rolled products for use in commercial vehicles and trailers.
  • Aerospace: a range of cold roll high strength metals, as well as laser weld and laser cut sections and profiles, including rollforming.
  • Shipbuilding: system design for single sections or profiles, as well as a series of integrated components.
  • Specialist Vehicles: as Europe’s largest in house cold rollforming testing and product development centre, Hadley Group Technology can ensure concepts can become proven real world products.

Hadley Group Apprenticeship Programme

Apprentices are, and always have been, very important to Hadley Group. As a result, the company firmly believes in harnessing young talent. Since 1969, the Hadley Group have offered school and college leavers the training, hands-on experience and support they need to gain valuable qualifications and build viable skills for the workplace.

The competencies Apprentices develop are geared at working with the Hadley Group. That is why an exciting, open-ended career within Hadley Group starts at the end of every Apprenticeship. In fact, around 50 current Hadley Group personnel started out on the company’s Apprentice Programme. These employees are still making a difference and enhancing the company’s capabilities, in a variety of professional and skilled capacities, right up to Board level today.

The Hadley Group Apprenticeship programme has two options available:

Production Apprenticeship
A two year programme specialising directly in production areas including maintenance and tool room skills. This option is ideal for Apprentices who prefer a hands-on approach. Upon completion of the programme, successful Apprentices take up Manufacturing Setter Operator roles within the Group, with opportunity to further develop their careers with the company.

Technical Apprenticeship
A four year structured Apprentice Programme, including both on and off the job training to develop core technical competencies required for skilled or professional roles within Manufacturing Management, Design (machine tooling and product), Maintenance, Machining, Tool making, Purchasing, Sales and Production. Technical Apprentices will also have scope to progress their careers through to Engineering Degree level.

Roles Available with Hadley Group

The Hadley Group Apprenticeship programme offers two distinct career paths, including:

Production Apprenticeship:
A 2 year programme specialising in production areas, including maintenance and tool room skills.

Technical Apprenticeship:
A 4 year structured Programme, including both on and off the job training to develop core technical competencies required for skilled or professional roles. These include roles in Manufacturing Management, Design (machine tooling and product), Maintenance, Machining, Tool making, Purchasing, Sales and Production.

Education Requirements for Hadley Group

The Education Requirements for a Hadley Group Apprenticeship will vary according to the specific role for which you are applying:

Production Apprenticeship:

  • 3 GCSE grades C-D in relevant subjects (e.g. English, Mathematics, Science)

Technical Apprenticeship:

  • 4 GCSE grade C or above in relevant subjects (e.g. English, Mathematics, Science)
When can I apply for an apprenticeship at Hadley Group?

The Application Dates for a Hadley Group Apprenticeship will vary according to the specific role for which you are applying.

Candidates interested in a Hadley Group Apprenticeship should visit the company’s website for details of the closing dates for current vacancies.

To find out more about this Apprenticeship at Hadley Group register now:

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