Apprenticeships with Instron

Instron offers a range of Engineering and Business/Commercial Apprenticeships at its European HQ in High Wycombe.

Founded in 1946, Instron is a recognized worldwide market leader in the materials testing industry. The company offers one of the largest product ranges in the industry, supplying systems and accessories from screw-driven electromechanical machines to servohydraulic fatigue, impact, rheology, through to structural testing rigs and crash simulation sleds.

Instron’s customers are in involved in nearly every market and industry around the world, as diverse as regenerative medicine, to aerospace, energy and power generation, heavy industries, electronics, through to automotive.

Instron manufactures testing machines used to test the mechanical properties and performance of various materials, components and structures in a wide array of environments. The company also offer accessories and software for these systems so that they can be used to solve testing challenges for different materials or standards.

The company’s largest product lines include universal and dynamic/fatigue testing instruments. Other product lines include impact, rheology, thermo-mechanical, and torsion testing systems. Instron also manufacture systems and rigs to test complete structures and components, mainly for the automotive industry.

As the leading global manufacturer of testing equipment for the material and structural testing markets, Instron’s product line includes: universal, dynamic & fatigue, impact, rheology, thermo-mechanical, automated testing systems, torsion testers, Structural Durability testing and Crash Simulation Systems.

Instron’s large product portfolio allows technicians to evaluate materials ranging from native tissue to advanced high-strength alloys by performing a variety of tests such as compression, cyclic, fatigue, impact, multi-axis, rheology, tensile, and torsion.

Crash Simulation Systems

Instron is the market leader in crash simulation sled systems with over 80 facilities installed worldwide. The crash simulators are capable of reproducing a wide range of standardized and user-defined crash tests including advanced applications such as side impact and vehicle pitch simulation. Instron’s acceleration sled systems are used for the development and approval of vehicle safety systems, vehicle parts and also for the investigation of solids and structures during crash events.

With over 80 systems, Instron consistently delivers innovation, performance and quality. The company’s direct sales and service centers around the world provide optimum support and customer proximity. Innovative and unique solutions for current and future tasks increase productivity and ensure efficient test operation.

Instron also offer a range of Graduate Jobs for Engineers interested in a Technical career:

Instron Graduate Jobs

Roles Available with Instron

Instron offers a variety of Apprenticeship roles for students seeking experience in either Manufacturing or Business/Commercial, with specific roles varying each year according to the needs of the business.

Examples of previous Manufacturing Apprenticeships which have been offered include:

Manufacturing – Transducer
This role sits in the Transducer team which works on all aspects of Transducers product activities such as assembly and test of sub-assemblies, gauging, electrical wiring, and more.

Manufacturing – Made to Order
Within this role you will be involved in numerous tasks including basic hand tool tasks, communicating with internal customers, and when trained, using overhead cranes, ‘cherry pickers’ and reading and understanding engineering drawings.

Education Requirements for Instron

To apply for an Apprenticeship with Instron, candidates should be able to demonstrate the following qualifications:

  • 5 GCSE’S at C grade for above including Maths, English, and Science


When can I apply for an apprenticeship at Instron?

Candidates should refer to the Instron website for details of application dates for specific roles.

To find out more about this Apprenticeship at Instron register now:

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