Apprenticeships with Martin-Baker

There are a number of Martin-Baker Apprenticeship roles in Engineering and Mechanical Engineering available each year. A Martin-Baker Apprenticeship typically lasts 4 years and offers the training, guidance and support you need to develop valuable skills, earn sought-after qualifications and establish yourself in your chosen career.

During your Apprenticeship, you will attend college to study for a nationally-recognised NVQ level 3 qualification in Mechanical Engineering. You may also be able to continue to study beyond your apprenticeship for more advanced qualifications. For example: an HNC, HND or a Foundation degree, dependent on business requirements.

Martin-Baker was an original pioneer of ejection seat development and has manufactured ejection seats continuously since 1946. For more than 70 years, Martin-Baker has led the world in the design and manufacture of ejection and crashworthy seats. The company has more than a 50% share of the ejection seat market.

Martin-Baker has manufactured and delivered over 70,000 ejection seats to 93 air forces around the world. Alongside ejection seats, it has also developed a range of special crashworthy seats for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. More than 60 helicopter variants are fitted with Martin-Baker ejection seats. In total, Martin-Baker ejection seats have saved more than 7,500 lives.

Ejection seats are understandably complex. Every element of the safety system must work perfectly to safeguard a precious life, from initiation, escape path clearance, ejection sequencing, stabilisation, life support and parachute descent to final rescue and so much more. An ejection seat represents a crew member’s last chance to survive, so there can be no compromise.

With facilities around the world, Martin-Baker offer a complete ‘end-to-end service’, from helping the customer establish operational safety and escape requirements to ongoing support throughout the entire service life of the aircraft. Passion for engineering, strong family ties and an extremely loyal and skilful workforce are just a few of the reasons behind the company’s success.

An intrepid employee, Bernard Lynch, attempted the first static ejection on 24th January 1945. He then conducted the first mid-flight test ejection on 24th July 1946. He ejected himself from the rear cockpit of a specially modified Meteor 3 at 320 mph, 8000 ft in the air. Bernard Lynch made a perfect landing and subsequently made a further 30 ejections.

The first live, non-test ejection took place on 30th May 1949 by Jo Lancaster. Jo was flying an Armstrong Whitworth AW52 aircraft and was forced to eject using a pre-Mk1 ejection seat over Southam, Warwickshire. From that day until now, Martin-Baker has saved the lives of more than 7,500 aircrew members.

Roles Available with Martin-Baker

The Martin-Baker Apprenticeship programme offers roles in the following areas:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Education Requirements for Martin-Baker

The Education Requirements for a Martin-Baker Apprenticeship are as follows:

  • 5 GCSEs in Maths, English Language and a Science subject (i.e. Physics or Chemistry).

To apply for a Martin-Baker Apprenticeship, candidates must also provide evidence of a genuine interest in, and enthusiasm for, a career in engineering.

When can I apply for an apprenticeship at Martin-Baker?

Candidates interested in a Martin-Baker Apprenticeship should check the company’s website for details of when to apply for an apprenticeship with the company.

To find out more about this Apprenticeship at Martin-Baker register now:

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