Apprenticeships with Morgan Motor Company

The Morgan Motor Apprenticeship programme offers a range of traditional apprenticeships at their head office and factory in Malvern. Morgan is the only remaining family-owned and independent British car manufacturer with an unparalleled heritage and ethos of craftsmanship. Therefore, a Morgan Motor Apprenticeship is a very special opportunity for those interested in a rewarding career with the brand.

The iconic Morgan three-wheeler was the company’s first car, launched in 1909. A four-wheeled model began production in 1936 and the design is still recognisable even today. Morgan cars have always been famous for their unique blend of charisma, quality materials, craftsmanship and performance. The company’s respect for traditional craftsmanship remains consistent even in the 21st Century.

Morgan cars have always been coach-built to order. However, the cars are continually refined to meet the latest safety standards and to incorporate new technology. This ensures the company’s products continue to offer the responsive thoroughbred performance with which Morgan is associated. The company now hand-builds more than 1300 cars per year. Still based in the original home where the brand was born more than 100 years ago, the company now builds in excess of 1300 cars per year.

In 2000, Morgan Motor Company launched the innovative and distinctive Aero 8. Launching such a ground-breaking new car was a major achievement for such a small Company. Continual evolution of the Aero Range has seen the Aero 8 joined by the dramatic Aero SuperSports and its fixed-head sibling, the Aero Coupe. In 2011, Morgan re-launched the Morgan 3 Wheeler, a modern interpretation of H.F.S. Morgan’s classic design. In 2015, the company even revealed an all-electric concept of the three-wheeler in 2015. Morgan Motor Company now offers a fully road-legal production version that weighs less than 500kg and has a range of 150 miles.

Morgan’s ‘Classic’ range continues to be the mainstay of the product range, and the company’s flagship vehicle – with models including the 4/4, the world’s longest-running production vehicle, and engine sizes ranging from 1600cc to 4800cc, these famous icons are the models perhaps most associated with Morgan.

Morgan retains a highly skilled workforce of around 180 people, most of whom learnt their trade at the factory. The average length of service at the factory is an incredible 25 years. Consequently, employment opportunities are rare, and often only as a result of retirements. Therefore, a Morgan Motor Apprenticeship could be just the beginning of a lifelong career with this iconic brand.

Roles Available with Morgan Motor Company

As a manufacturer of traditional hand-built sports cars, Morgan is passionate about keeping these traditional crafts alive. The company achieves this by offering a range of Morgan Motor Apprenticeship roles in the following departments:

  • Sheet Metal Department
  • Machine Shop
  • Wood Shop
  • Trim Shop
  • Paint Shop

A Morgan Motor Apprenticeship can take up to 4 years to complete, and also requires regular day release to a local college. All other training is provided by the company “on the job”, under the expert guidance of experienced Morgan crafts men and women.

Education Requirements for Morgan Motor Company

The Morgan Motor Apprenticeship programme accepts speculative enquiries throughout the year. The recruitment process usually starts with an Open Day at the factory, followed by individual interviews and perhaps a day of work experience.

Competition is often fierce as places are very limited, so keep an eye on the company’s website for details of when vacancies are available.

When can I apply for an apprenticeship at Morgan Motor Company?

Please check the Morgan Motor Company for details of when to apply for specific Morgan Motor Apprenticeship roles.

In addition to the Morgan Motor Apprenticeship roles summarised here, Morgan also offers a very limited number of Work Experience placements (1 per week) throughout the year. The company also offers a very small number of Student Placements for students in higher education looking for a long term placement or employment during the holiday periods.

Initial enquiries should be made with the HR Manager who will respond with the company’s current requirements. Registered users can find the email address for the HR Manager by following the link to the company website below.

To find out more about this Apprenticeship at Morgan Motor Company register now:

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