Apprenticeships with Network Rail

The Network Rail Apprenticeship programme offers a wide range of roles at around 60 different depots across the UK.

Network Rail looks after 20,000 miles of track, 40,000 bridges and viaducts, as well as thousands of signals and level crossings. Projects range from small station updates, such as better disabled access, to creating whole new train routes. Every day, Network Rail helps 4 million people and thousands of tonnes of goods reach their destinations. As a result, it plays an important part in making a difference to the lives of people across Britain.

In the midst of the largest expansion of the rail network since the 19th century, Network Rail is managing more engineering projects than anyone else in the UK. To support this expansion, the company offers a 3 year Network Rail Apprenticeship scheme and takes on around 150 apprentices each year.

Network Rail Apprenticeship

Network Rail Apprenticeship roles start in either March or September each year. The first 21 weeks is spent at the Network Rail Apprenticeship training centre in the Midlands. After this initial training period, you will work at a Network rail depot close to home. Here is a brief look at the roles on offer:

The track team work on maintaining rails, sleepers and ballast, as well as drainage and other structures.

Off Track
The off track teams is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and renewal of level crossings, fencing drainage, and access points, as well as vegetation.

Overhead Lines
When the overhead lines are brought down, the trains stop. You must use your knowledge and skill to get them fixed and back up in the air, as safely and as quickly as possible.

Signalling covers a wide range of equipment and technology, as well as mechanical and electrical to computer-based systems.

As a telecoms apprentice, you might need to install phone lines in an office, or check faulty cables in a signal box. Or, you may need to repair cables on main frames in the telephone exchange.

Electrification & Plant
You will make sure the railway has the power needed to run the trains, signals and stations, both high and low voltage systems.


As well as the Network Rail Apprenticeship roles below, the company also has a range of Graduate Jobs:

Network Rail Graduate Jobs

Roles Available with Network Rail

  • Track
  • Off Track
  • Overhead Lines
  • Signalling
  • Telecoms
  • Electrification & Plant

Education Requirements for Network Rail

  • 4 GCSEs
When can I apply for an apprenticeship at Network Rail?

You can apply for a Network Rail Apprenticeship which starts in either March or September each year. The closing date for a Network Rail Apprenticeship is about 5 months before the start date.

For example, apply before the end of March for a Network Rail Apprenticeship starting in September. Or apply in October for a Network Rail Apprenticeship starting in March.


To find a Network Rail depot near you, click here.


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