Apprenticeships with Ryobi Aluminium Casting

Ryobi Aluminium Casting offers Engineering Apprenticeships at its Carrickfergus location in Northern Ireland. The company is an innovative, world class supplier of high quality, technically complex automotive components, and is part of the Ryobi Group of companies which is based in Japan.

Ryobi Aluminium Casting has 5 furnaces which can melt 14 tonnes of aluminium per hour. Spectrographic analysis ensures maintenance of alloy specification throughout the process. Ryobi uses trim presses, robot de-burring cells, T5 heat treatment, and shot blasting, and the capacity for complex machining of bi-metallic parts in both steel and aluminium.

The company has 18 die-cast machines which are capable of producing a large range of parts from less than 1kg up to 20kg. Ryobi utilises loose steel cores to create under-cuts, cast-iron inserts to strengthen bearings and the patented Ryobi New Casting (RNC) process for thick walled products.

Ryobi Aluminium Casting melt and use about 1000 tonnes of aluminium alloy per month. Examples of products manufactured by Ryobi Aluminium Castings include:

  • Transmisssion Components:
    • Clutch Cases: All types of Clutch Housings are for Four Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive Transmission Cases
    • Main Control Valve Bodies: Valve bodies manufactured for automotive transmission control units
    • Transmission Cases: All types of Tranmission cases are for Front Wheel Drive and Rear wheel drive, manual and automatic
  • Engine Components:
    • Bedplate: Ryobi manufacture all varieties of Bedplate to support all Engine Blocks
    • Engine Blocks: Ryobi make a variety of engine blocks which include open deck, semi open deck and fully closed deck blocks
  • Structural Parts:
    • Bracket: Ryobi have the full technical capability to support a large variety of structural components
    • Sub Frame: Ryobi have the full technical capability to support a large variety of structural components.

What Makes RYOBI Different
Ryobi Aluminium Casting’s die-casting machines operate using one of Ryobi’s patented processes, the Ryobi Shut Valve (RSV).  This vacuum assisted process allows for higher productivity, higher dimensional accuracy, reduced porosity and better surface finish.  Ryobi can also introduce other specialised casting methods such as high speed, high vacuum casting for structural parts, or loose core or sandcore technologies – to create under-cut areas and even enclosed spaces in castings.

The Ryobi Group has full engineering capabilities, including R&D, Die Design, Product Design Support and Process Engineering. In addition, Japanese engineers work closely with local colleagues in almost every department in the organisation, ensuring constant cooperation with the parent company in Japan, Ryobi Limited.

Roles Available with Ryobi Aluminium Casting

Ryobi Aluminium Castings offers Apprenticeships at its Carrickfergus manufacturing facility in the following roles:

  • Engineering Maintenance
  • Die Maintenance
  • Die Cast Engineering

Education Requirements for Ryobi Aluminium Casting

To apply for an Apprenticeship with Ryobi Aluminium Castings, candidates must be able to demonstrate the following qualifications:

  • 4 GCSEs, Grade C or above, including English Language, Maths and Science.
When can I apply for an apprenticeship at Ryobi Aluminium Casting?

Ryobi Aluminium Castings advertises any vacancies on the company’s website. Interested candidates should refer to the website for details of when to apply.

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