Apprenticeships with Salop Design & Engineering

Salop Design & Engineering is a leading manufacturer of pressings and assemblies in the UK and the company offers Apprenticeships at its site in Shrewsbury.

The manufacture of pressed products for the automotive industry is at the heart of the company’s business. Salop Design & Engineering has a formidable range of plant and equipment providing enormous capabilities, with specialist knowledge in the pressing of difficult materials, including high strength low alloy steels and varying grades of stainless steel.

The company supplies precision parts and assemblies to major international customers which are fitted to the following areas of vehicles:

  • Exhaust components, including complete muffler box assemblies.
  • Body-in-white components, both structural and inner panels.
  • Seat components.
  • Trim and bracket components.
  • Dust covers and heat shields.

The Press line includes a line of ten presses with tonnages from 200 to 400 tonnes. There are a wide variety of press types and specifications, including 24 mechanical / progression / transfer / hydraulic presses ranging from 110 tonne to 630 tonne. This covers an extensive range of tonnages and capacities including both manual and fully automated robotic transfer systems. All aspects of presswork are undertaken, including hydraulic deep draw presswork. Secondary assembly and welding processes are also readily available.

Salop Design & Engineering have over 50 years experience using the very best in engineering practices, enabling the company to produce pressings and pressed assemblies for the Automotive, Domestic Appliances and Agricultural industries. The company is especially proud of expanding its customer base in the Information Technology and Defence markets. Assembly facilities include projection welding, spot welding, gas welding, arc welding, riveting, milling and turning etc.

Salop Design & Engineering also presses components from ferrous and non ferrous materials, supplying a wide range of customers with typical construction and interior applications such as:

  • Cladding and roof brackets
  • Window and door components
  • Metering system components
  • Shooting pistol targets

Salop Design & Engineering can also offer services in the following areas:

Metal Presswork
With expertise in pressings and assemblies, the company has machines from 100 to 630T, bed sizes up to 3.2m long and shut heights on the hydraulic presses that can accommodate most press tools.

Heavy Gauge Pressing & Assemblies
The company has 400T mechanical presses, 400T Progression presses, 600T Hydraulic presses and a 600T Transfer cell.  It also has MIG, Pulse and TIG welding capabilities, for hand and Robotic welding applications, as well as its own in-house weld verification expertise and it can offer various assembly cell options from a standard pressing, a sub-assembly or a complete component.


Roles Available with Salop Design & Engineering

Salop Design & Engineering offer Level 2 and Level 3 Apprenticeships in Engineering, through the company’s ITAS centre based at its main manufacturing site in Shrewsbury.

All the apprentices in the ITAS centre are full time employees of Shropshire companies, and they are given every chance to learn the key skills they need to go on to engineering careers.

Education Requirements for Salop Design & Engineering

Interested candidates should refer to the Salop Design & Engineering website for details of education requirements for specific roles available.

When can I apply for an apprenticeship at Salop Design & Engineering?

Candidates should refer to the Salop Design & Engineering website for details of when to apply for an Apprenticeship with the company.

To find out more about this Apprenticeship at Salop Design & Engineering register now:

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