Apprenticeships with Southampton Engineering Training Association

There are a wide range of Southampton Engineering Training Association Apprenticeship roles available in a variety of Engineering disciplines. These include opportunities in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication and Welding, as well as Engineering Construction.

The Southampton Engineering Training Association (SETA) has been training engineering apprentices for local industry since 1969. SETA’s Training Centre is based in Millbrook, Southampton.

Soon after it was founded, SETA quickly expanded operations to include adult training. It now provides accredited, industry-recognised training to an advanced level, delivered by highly experienced staff with vast industry knowledge. As a result, SETA has played a key role in developing and transforming workforces in the Southampton area for over 45 years.

The organisation offers a range of training courses for adults, as well as NVQs for adults in the workplace. These include:

  • Electrical City and Guild courses
  • ECITB CCNSG Safety Passports courses
  • CompEx
  • Welding
  • Machining
  • Safe Use of Equipment

Furthermore, SETA is one of the largest CompEx and AM2 Assessment Centres in the South of England.

SETA commitment to providing quality engineering training for young people means the organisation has also developed close links with local schools to encourage young people into the industry. It holds two Open Evenings every year providing the opportunity to look around SETA’s workshops, as well as meet the staff and potential employers.

SETA can help you find a local company which will take you on as an apprentice. The organisation has contacts at more than 200 local companies of all sizes who regularly recruit and train apprentices in engineering.

Roles Available with Southampton Engineering Training Association

There are a range of Southampton Engineering Training Association Apprenticeship roles available with as many as 200 local companies. These can include roles in:

Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Fitters, Maintenance Engineers, Toolmakers, and Mechanical Production Engineers.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Electrical Fitters, Maintenance Engineers, Electronic Engineers, and Instrumentation and Control Engineers.

Fabrication and Welding: Sheet Metal Worker, and Welder.

Engineering Construction: fabricators, welders, pipe-fitters, electricians, mechanical fitters and many more skilled engineers.

Education Requirements for Southampton Engineering Training Association

The Education Requirements for Southampton Engineering Training Association Apprenticeship roles can vary according to the specific role for which you are applying.

However, SETA have minimum requirements that all applicants are expected to meet:

  • 5 GCSE C grades in English, Maths, Science subject and two other subjects.
When can I apply for an apprenticeship at Southampton Engineering Training Association?

As the Southampton Engineering Training Association Apprenticeship roles are available with as many as 200 local companies, application dates can vary according to the needs of each individual business.

Candidates interested in a Southampton Engineering Training Association Apprenticeship should refer to the SETA website for application dates for current vacancies.

To find out more about this Apprenticeship at Southampton Engineering Training Association register now:

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