Apprenticeships with Stroud Metal Company

The Stroud Metal Company offers Engineering Apprenticeships at its manufacturing site in Gloucestershire.

With roots dating back to the 19th century, Stroud Metal Company was officially incorporated in 1926 and is still a privately owned, family run business. Back then, the company supplied manufacturers of walking sticks and umbrellas, as well as the fledgling automotive industry.

The Stroud Metal Company specialises in the manufacture of:

  • Deep draw metal pressings using high speed transfer presses and high speed Bruderer progressive die presses
  • Stamping of metal components such as electrical lead-frames and components for the plumbing industry.
  • Hybrid metal-plastic insert moulded / over-moulded components
  • Plastic Injection mouldings

Stroud Metal’s deep draw production capabilities can produce circa 15 million parts per press, with a comprehensive range of in-house finishing processes, from degreasing and de-burring to over-moulding, assembly and specialist packaging. The company supplies precision components to customers across a broad range of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical

Stroud Metal’s completely integrated process – from analysis and design to tooling and finishing – allows it to deliver high volume, customised solutions to meet clients’ exact specifications. The company designs and manufactures everything in-house, ensuring the expertise and intellectual property remain within Stroud Metal, ensuring a client’s innovative advantage is protected.

For the Automotive industry, Stroud manufactures various deep drawn and progressive die components, including:

  • Power steering, braking and suspension components
  • Cooling systems
  • After-market products
  • Fuel injection
  • Climate control
  • Engine management
  • Hybrid metal-plastic over-moulded / insert moulded lead-frames
Deep Drawn Pressings
Stroud Metal has been on the cutting edge of deep drawn pressings technology for nearly a century, innovating highly developed methods to deliver cost-effective precision components to customers across a wide range of industries and regions.
Stroud Metal Company’s expertise in deep draw pressings means the company can manufacture an unparalleled range of parts that traditionally have been created by other processes, such as turning, casting or assembly. Deep draw can produce highly aesthetic complex designs that other manufacturing techniques can’t create without using expensive secondary operations. It’s also hugely versatile, capable of manufacturing items of any size, and in a variety of shapes.Some examples of common household items which are manufactured with deep draw pressed components include:
  • batteries
  • lipstick tubes / cosmetics containers
  • asthma inhalers
  • catheter holders
  • metal pen lids
  • metal ball point pen refills
  • “widgets” in beer cans
  • plumbing and heating fittings.
  • large enclosures

Stroud Metal Company’s new 7,500 sq m bespoke manufacturing facility will accommodate both Stroud Metal and its sister company, Cotsworld Plastics. The new building will allow optimisation of the production layout and will include new presses and advanced cleaning equipment, as well as Class 7 clean rooms for the packaging and manufacture of products for the Advanced Automotive, Aerospace and Medical markets.

Roles Available with Stroud Metal Company

Stroud Metal Company offers Apprenticeships for candidates with a genuine interest in engineering, with the following eventual opportunities depending on area of interest and experience:

  • Tool-making
  • Press and injection mould tool design
  • Quality
  • Press setting
  • Tool development

Education Requirements for Stroud Metal Company

Interested candidates should refer to the Stroud Metal Company’s website for details of the education requirements for specific Apprenticeship roles with the company.

When can I apply for an apprenticeship at Stroud Metal Company?

Please refer to the Stroud Metal Company’s website for details of when to apply for an Apprenticeship with the company.

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