Apprenticeships with Toyota

There are a wide range of Toyota Apprenticeship roles at both Toyota Plants near Derby and in North Wales. The Plant near Derby, makes the Avensis and the Auris, as well as hybrid models, for the UK and EU markets. Engines for both these and other models are made at the Engine Plant at Deeside in North Wales.

You can apply for a Toyota Apprenticeship in either Maintenance or Total Preventative Maintenance. There are also roles with Toyota’s supply chain partners, such as Gestamp, Pirelli, Faurecia, and Castings PLC. This ensures that its supply chain partners also have the skills needed to meet Toyota’s high standards.

There are also Toyota Apprenticeship roles at Dealers all across the UK. These include Service Technician, Service Advisor, Parts Advisor and Body & Paint Repair. It takes 3 years to complete a Toyota Apprenticeship as a Service Technician or Body & Paint Repair. The Service and Parts Advisor Toyota Apprenticeship roles take 2 years to complete.

There are nearly 200 Dealers in the UK, including 21 in Scotland and 12 in Wales, as well as 7 in Northern Ireland. You will also find Dealers on the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey and the Shetlands.

Toyota Apprenticeship:

A Toyota Apprenticeship at the Plant near Derby will be in one of the following areas:

You will begin your training at the Plant near Derby. This is where you will learn skills in welding, machining, hand tool use, electronics, robotics, fluid and air power. This Toyota Apprenticeship works towards a Level 3 award, with the chance to progress to a Level 4 award. You may also be able to progress to a degree level programme in the future.

Total Preventative Maintenance:
You will spend 15 months training to become a ‘Front Line Maintenance’ apprentice. In this role, you will ensure the Avensis and Auris lines run smoothly every day.

External Partner:
If you apply for this Toyota Apprenticeship, you will work for a supply chain partner in a very crucial role. You will learn skills in welding, machining, hand tool use, electronics, as well as robotics. This will give you the skills needed to be a valued member of the team, working right at the heart of the Plant.


As well as the roles listed here, there are also roles with:

Toyota Material Handling

Roles Available with Toyota


  • Maintenance
  • Total Preventative Maintenance


  • Service Advisor
  • Parts Advisor
  • Service Technician
  • Body & Paint Repair

Education Requirements for Toyota


  • 4 GCSEs


  • 3 GCSEs
When can I apply for an apprenticeship at Toyota?


Please refer to the website for details of the latest roles and when to apply.


You can download a list of roles at dealers from the website throughout the year.


To find a Toyota Dealer near you, click here.

To find out more about this Apprenticeship at Toyota register now:

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