Apprenticeships in Scotland - Kwik-Fit Tyre Workout Routine

Apprenticeships in Scotland

You may be surprised to learn there are many different companies offering Apprenticeships in Scotland. In fact, the Automotive industry offers Apprenticeships all across Scotland.

Almost every reasonable-sized town will have several car dealerships which offer Service Technician, Service Advisor or Parts Advisor Apprenticeships. Some will also offer Body Repair and Paint Technician Apprenticeships.

However, the focus of this blog is to show you there are also several companies which offer Apprenticeships in Scotland – particularly in the Fast Fit Tyre and Service segments, as well as Body Repair and Insurance. There is also a major manufacturer of Off-Highway vehicles in Glasgow which offers a range of Engineering and Business Apprenticeships.

First of all, let’s look at Tyre and Service Apprenticeships in Scotland.

Apprenticeships in Scotland: Tyre and Service Centres

Kwik Fit

Kwik Fit offers a 2 year Apprenticeship as an Autocare Technician. The company usually makes an announcement during National Apprenticeship Week at the beginning of March each year regarding how many Apprenticeship vacancies are available across their 600+ network of Service Centres. In 2017, Kwik Fit announced they were recruiting for 200 Apprentices at locations throughout the UK, with roles starting in August.

Apprenticeships in Scotland - National Tyres Apprenticeships - checking brakes

National Tyres Apprenticeships

National Tyres and Autocare

As the largest independently-owned fast-fit specialist in the UK, National Tyres and Autocare offers Apprenticeships at its 235 locations nationwide. The company has over 1,000 highly-trained technicians who specialise in vehicle parts repair, including tyres, exhausts, brakes, batteries, MOT testing, and vehicle safety inspections.

National Tyres and Autocare has 31 locations in Scotland, of which 23 are also MOT test centres. Roles available include Service Technician and Customer Service advisor.

Protyre (Micheldever Tyre Services)

Protyre offers Apprenticeships at many of its more than 100 locations nationwide in the following roles:

  • Service Technician (Cars)
  • Service Technician (Bus & Truck & Off-Highway)

Apprenticeships in Scotland: Body Repair and Insurance

Direct Line Insurance

Direct Line Group offers Apprenticeships at 6 of its UK locations, including Claims Handler Apprenticeships at their Glasgow offices. As a Claims Handler, you will learn how to handle claims relating to household and motor insurance products. You will also develop business administration and customer service skills, along with an understanding of the legal, regulatory and quality issues involved.

Nationwide Accident Repair

Apprenticeships in Scotland - Nationwide Repairs Apprenticeships - Body Repair and Paint Apprentices 01

Nationwide Accident Repairs Apprenticeships

As one of the largest comprehensive automotive repairers in the UK, Nationwide Accident Repair offers Apprenticeships throughout their Accident Repair network. The company repairs over 360,000 vehicles every year and has 125 state-of-the-art equipped Repair Centres nationwide.

It also has a Mobile Repair network, a mobile glass repair and replacement network, three Rapid Repair centres and an accident management and claims handling service.

Apprenticeship roles with Nationwide Accident Repair include:

  • Mechanical Electrical Trim Technician
  • Paint Sprayer
  • Panel Beater

Apprenticeships in Scotland: Off-Highway Vehicles

Apprenticeships in Scotland - Linde Apprenticeship - Linde Forklifts Li-Ion technology

Linde Material Handling Apprenticeships

Linde Material Handling

In Scotland, Linde Material Handling recruits for Forklift Truck Maintenance and Repair Apprentices at their Falkirk and Edinburgh sites. These roles are Site-based roles, but there are also many other Field-based Apprenticeship roles also available across the rest of the UK.

The training programme lasts for 4 years and follows the Fork Lift Truck Industry standards, providing you with the opportunity to work towards an internationally recognised qualification as a Forklift Truck Maintenance Engineer.

Terex Trucks

Apprenticeships in Scotland - Terex Trucks Apprenticeships - TR100 Quarry

Terex Truck Apprenticeships

This manufacturer of Off-Highway Vehicles offers a range of Engineering and Business Apprenticeships at its manufacturing facility in Motherwell, Scotland.

The Terex Truck range consists of 3 Articulated Haulers as well as 4 Rigid Haulers. Furthermore, all 7 models of Terex Truck are manufactured in Scotland. The company offers a range of high quality, reliable and productive equipment for the heavy construction, quarry and mining industries.

There are a range of Apprenticeships available with Terex Trucks, including: Craft Apprenticeships, Technician and Quality Apprenticeships, and Procurement Apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships in Scotland: Find your Dream Job on

So, hopefully the examples above have shown you that there are some great Apprenticeships in Scotland. These are just a few of the many companies which offer Apprenticeships in either technical or non-technical roles. These are in addition to all the great opportunities that are offered by the main automotive brands you will already know, and which are no doubt in a town very close to you.

Brands such as BMW, Ford, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, MazdaMercedes, Peugeot, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen and many more. Furthermore, there are also Motorcycle Service Technician Apprenticeships available with BMW, Honda, Suzuki, and Triumph.

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