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Automotive Apprenticeships

There are a wide range of Automotive Apprenticeships in many different roles all across the UK. Most people only think no further than their local car showroom when looking for Automotive Apprenticeships. You are right to start with your local car showroom, because almost every car showroom has a service centre. And every service centre needs Service Technicians trained to service and repair both new and used cars.

But did you know there are also a wide range of other Automotive Apprenticeships? There are also Service Advisor and Parts Advisor roles. Or you could work either as a Body Repair or a Paint Technician in a Bodyshop.

However, if you cannot find the right role at a car showroom near you, don’t worry. You can also apply for a role working on bus, truck and off-highway vehicles. Or you could work for one of the many companies in the Supply Chain. Let’s take a brief look at some options.

Automotive Apprenticeships: Car Dealerships

Automotive Apprenticeships - Renault Apprenticeship - Renault Service Technician Apprentice - Female

Automotive Apprenticeships – Renault Cars


Almost every major new car brand in the UK operates an apprenticeship scheme with their local dealers. Most, but not all, brands offer the following roles:

  • Light Vehicle Technician
  • Service Advisor
  • Parts Advisor
  • Body Repair and Paint Technician

If you prefer two wheels rather than four, you could apply for a job with a BMW, Honda, Suzuki or Triumph motorcycle dealer. Honda even has roles in Power Equipment for those who like DIY and Gardening!

Most car brands start advertising Apprenticeships from March each year. This usually coincides with National Apprenticeship Week, so watch out for news about their programmes at this time of year. It’s the best time to apply.

After applying, you may be invited to an interview at your local dealer. Some dealers also offer work experience during the summer to see how you will fit into the team and how you like the type of work. If you make it through the interviews and work experience and are offered a job, you would start work in either August or September.

Service Advisor and Parts Advisor roles usually take 2 years to complete. However, Service Technician roles usually take at least 3 years to complete.

The GCSEs required to apply for an Apprenticeship can vary by brand. For example, Triumph and Vauxhall have no minimum requirements. Audi and Fiat only require 2 GCSEs, but Aston Martin and Hyundai require 5 GCSEs. 

But if you can’t find a job at your local new car showroom, don’t worry. There are also independent dealerships and service centres all across the country which offer similar roles. For example: Bosch Automotive, GTG Training, and North London Garages.


Automotive Apprenticeships: Car Manufacturers


Automotive Apprenticeships - McLaren Apprenticeships 03

Automotive Apprenticeships – McLaren Automotive


There is an even wider range of Automotive Apprenticeships with the brands which make cars here in the UK. These are not just on the assembly line, but can be in technical positions such as engineering, or R&D. Or you could learn how to make beautiful wooden dashboards or bespoke leather interior trim.

Or you could work in Sales, Marketing, Aftersales, Design, Customer Service, or one of many other departments across the business. Click on the links below for further details.


Automotive Apprenticeships: Bus, Truck and Off-Highway




However, if you prefer to work on much larger machines, then you should look for Automotive Apprenticeships with Bus, Truck and Off-Highway companies. How many times did you ride the bus to school? Did you ever stop to imagine that someone has to check it to make sure it’s safe to be on the road?

Or how many times have you seen huge trucks carrying concrete or gravel to build new roads? And what about the diggers and other earth-moving equipment, or road-laying vehicles? Did you ever imagine that these vehicles all need to be serviced and maintained? And that someone has to do it? Why not you?

If this sounds like it might be right for you, then take a look at the following companies:


Automotive Apprenticeships: Supply Chain


Automotive Apprenticeships - SETA Apprenticeship - Engineering Apprentice Training 06

Automotive Apprenticeships – SETA (Sunderland Education Training Association)


The “Supply Chain” refers to companies which make and supply parts for the cars which are made here in the UK. There are an even greater number of roles in the supply chain than with the car brands. Each one of them makes lots of different parts which go into each car. They are often at the forefront of developing new technology, so a Supply Chain Apprenticeship is a great option.

For example, here is a list of just some the Automotive Apprenticeships offered by Ricardo:

  • Business, Finance, Health and Safety
  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Technician
  • Reprographics
  • Site Services, Carpentry

However, there are Supply Chain companies all across the UK, with many Automotive Apprenticeships on offer. But you have most likely never heard of any of them. How do you even know they exist and might have a job that’s just right for you?

That is one of the main reasons we created To give you direct access to Apprenticeships you would otherwise never find.


Automotive Apprenticeships: Where next?

Hopefully this blog has shown you there are many Automotive Apprenticeships waiting to be found. The training you will receive will be first-class, and it will be just the start of a rewarding career in the industry. The qualifications you will earn will allow you to progress as you gain further experience.

Why not register with for direct access to these and many more Automotive Apprenticeships just like it? You can search for roles by Location, Industry, Role and Education. If you register, you will receive a newsletter with details of the latest roles, direct to your email box each week.

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