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Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships

There are a wide range of Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships available with some of the biggest names in the Transport Industry. Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships are ideal for candidates seeking a career servicing and repairing buses, coaches and other heavy vehicles. Roles are also available at several transport company depots all across the UK.

In this blog, we look at four companies who offer Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland.

MAN Truck & Bus

Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships - MAN Truck and Bus UK Apprenticeships - P_Bus_EOT_City_CNG_UsbekistanThe MAN Trucks Apprenticeship programme offers apprenticeship in partnership with the MAN Truck & Bus Dealership network across the country. MAN Trucks Apprentices will work on trucks buses and coaches that are at the leading edge of technology. Training on the MAN Trucks Apprenticeship programme is divided between your workplace and the purpose built MAN Truck & Bus UK Training College based in Bristol.

As one of the fastest growing truck and bus companies in the UK, MAN Truck & Bus is heavily committed to delivering its own high-quality MAN Trucks Apprenticeship programme. This will help the company meet future customer support requirements. Apprentices will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the truck, bus and coach industry in either parts or technical service.

To learn more about MAN Truck & Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships, click here.


Mercedes-Benz is one of the few brands which also offers Commercial Vehicle Apprenticeships, i.e. vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. A Mercedes-Benz Apprenticeship can take up to 3 years to complete, with training at the state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz National Apprentice Academy. The Technician Apprenticeship programme requires 10 x 1 week blocks of training for two years. There are excellent career prospects upon graduation. Over 60% of Apprentices are still working in the Mercedes-Benz brand after 10 years of service.

As a Commercial Vehicle Technician, you will learn to diagnose and repair faults through practical and theoretical learning. You will also learn how to carry out the frequent routine maintenance required of heavy vehicles and how to use the STAR diagnostic equipment.

To learn more about Mercedes-Benz Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships, click here.


Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships - Stagecoach Apprenticeships - Stagecoach Oxford TubeThe Stagecoach Apprenticeship programme offers 4-year Bus Engineering Apprenticeships across many of its UK locations. During the course, you’ll continue to develop the skills you’ve already learned by attending in-house courses and manufacturer’s technical courses. In addition, throughout the Stagecoach Apprenticeship programme, you will have a fully trained mentor to guide you and to ensure you achieve the skills required to become a fully-qualified Bus Engineering Technician maintaining Stagecoach’s extensive fleet of vehicles.

The first three years take place in the depot while also attending a specialist training college in Wolverhampton or Glasgow. On completion of the first 3 years, you will achieve an Advanced Apprenticeship (or Modern Apprenticeship in Scotland) in Bus and Coach Engineering Maintenance. The fourth year of the programme includes specialist training tailored specifically for Stagecoach UK Bus.

To learn more about Stagecoach Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships, click here.


Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships - Translink Apprenticeships - Translink UlsterbusThe Translink Apprenticeship programme offers a range of Engineering Apprenticeships at various locations in Northern Ireland. The Technical Trades Apprenticeship is four years in duration. With today’s modern vehicle it is essential that training combines both mechanical and electrical systems. To ensure that adequate training on both systems is provided, Translink will take the apprentice through four NVQs: Mechanical and Electrical at level 2, Mechanical and Electrical at level 3.

Apprentices also attend college one day per week, with the remaining four days spent at an Ulsterbus/Metro workshop where the college training is put into practice. Training in the workplace is an extension to what happens in college where it is necessary to record specific tasks undertaken in order to meet performance criteria thus building a portfolio of evidence.

To learn more about Translink Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships, click here.

Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships – where next?

Hopefully these few examples have inspired you to consider Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships with one of these companies above. However, if you would like to search for other Technician Apprenticeships for Light Vehicles, Bus & Truck or even Off-Highway Vehicles, visit iwantobea.com. You can also filter by Region, Role and Education Requirements to find the perfect Apprenticeship for you.

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