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F1 Apprenticeships

If you have set your heart on working in Formula 1, then you will be pleased to know that some teams offer F1 Apprenticeships for school-leavers. However, there are very few F1 Apprenticeships on offer and competition for them will be very fierce. Therefore, you will have to work extremely hard to land a job with an F1 team. Or, you will need to find a job at another company first, learning skills that are relevant for a job in F1 in the future.

Let’s take a look at a few of your options for F1 Apprenticeships, both with F1 teams and where you might learn the skills needed elsewhere.


F1 Apprenticeships: Mercedes AMG F1

Mercedes AMG F1’s Research and Development Centre at Brixworth offers F1 Apprenticeships in Manufacturing, Test, and Facilities, as well as Assembly/Build. A team of over 500 people are design, build, and test the hybrid Power Units used by the Mercedes AMG F1 team.

F1 Apprenticeships on offer include:

  • CNC Machinist
  • Assembly/Build
  • Test

The Apprenticeship takes 3 years to complete, and you will need at least 5 GCSEs to apply.

Roles are advertised in October each year, for a start the following September.

For further information, click here: Mercedes AMG F1.


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F1 Apprenticeships – Renault Sport Racing F1

F1 Apprenticeships: Renault Sport Racing F1

The Renault Sport Racing F1 is based at Enstone in Oxfordshire. Renault also supplies engines to other teams in the F1 paddock, with its engines winning a total of 9 Driver’s World titles and 160 race wins.

In 2017, Renault Sport Racing F1 offered roles in the following areas:

  • Composites
  • Paint Shop
  • Sub Assembly
  • Inspection
  • Machine Shop (Aero and Main Factory)

Renault Sport Racing F1 Apprenticeships last for 3 years, and you will need at least 5 GCSEs to apply.

Roles are advertised in October each year, with a closing date in late November.

For further information, click here: Renault Sport Racing F1.


F1 Apprenticeships: Other teams

Unfortunately, the other teams on the F1 grid don’t currently offer Apprenticeships. However, Williams has an Advanced Engineering division which offers Student Placements. These are an ideal way to start your career, working on very similar projects for road cars and motorsport activities. And, once you’ve proved you can deliver results here, then you would be in the ideal place to transfer over to the F1 team in the future.

F1 Apprenticeships - Williams Graduate Jobs - Williams Advanced Engineering Stanford Solar Car Project

F1 Apprenticeships – Williams Advanced Engineering

In 2018, Williams F1 advertised the following Student Placements:

  • Prototype and Test
  • Race Operations
  • Systems Engineer
  • Aerodynamics
  • Design

At the same time, Williams Advanced Engineering had these roles on offer:

  • Procurement
  • Automotive and Motorsport Engineering
  • Programme Management
  • Design Engineer, Motorsport
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical Design

For further information, click here: Williams F1 Graduate Jobs.


F1 Apprenticeships: Other Motorsport Jobs

If you dream of working in F1, you are not alone. Unfortunately, that also means there simply are not enough F1 Apprenticeships for everyone. And competition for those jobs is always going to be fierce. That is why we recommend you spread your net a little wider and also look at other companies which offer motor sport apprenticeships.

Here are just two other companies which offer apprenticeships and which compete at the highest levels of world class motor sport.


M-Sport designs and builds cars for the “works” team for Ford in the World Rally series. It also runs the Bentley “works” team in the Blancpain Endurance series. M-Sport also produces the Fiesta R/X for the Rally X series, and offers the car for sale to private customer teams.

M-Sport offers a small number of roles each year, in the following areas:

  • Electrical
  • Transmissions
  • Hydraulics
  • Sub Assembly
  • Engine Shop

For further information, click here: M-Sport.


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F1 Apprenticeships – Prodrive



In the last three decades, Prodrive has run motorsport programmes for some of the greatest names in motorsport: Porsche, Aston Martin, Subaru, BMW, MG, Ford, MINI, Honda, and Alfa Romeo. Prodrive has won: 6 FIA World Rally titles, 6 FIA World Sportscar titles, 5 Le Mans titles, 4 British Touring Car titles, and the Le Mans Series title.

Roles at Prodrive will vary each year, but often include the following:

  • Machinist
  • Fabricator
  • Composites Technician
  • IT Support Technician
  • Electrical Technician
  • Engine Technician
  • Race Technician
  • Car Build Technician
  • Workshop Technician

Roles are advertised when needed, and you will need at least 3 GCSEs to apply.

For further information, click here: Prodrive.

For details of other companies which offer Apprenticeships in motorsport, visit iwantobea.com/apprenticeships and select “Motorsport” from the filter on the left of the page under “Roles Available”.


F1 Apprenticeships: Where next?

Hopefully this blog has shown you there are many F1 Apprenticeships waiting to be found. The training you will receive will be first-class, and it will be just the start of a rewarding career in the industry. The qualifications you will earn will allow you to progress as you gain further experience.

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