Graduate Jobs with DAF Trucks

There are several different DAF Trucks Graduate Jobs available at the company’s Leyland site, as well as other European locations.

The company manufactures products in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), Westerlo (Belgium), Leyland (UK) and Ponta Grossa (Brasil). Production of engines, cabs, axles and chassis as well as final vehicle assembly are integrated in the various facilities. Westerlo is the home of DAF’s axle and cab factory.

The Leyland site near Preston is the company’s primary manufacturing facility for DAF’s light and medium duty LF vehicle range, as well as heavy duty CF and XF models. A network of over one thousand independent dealer locations sell and service a range of DAF products. The company has dealerships throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Examples of DAF Trucks Graduate Jobs include:

Product Development
More than 900 specialists work to optimize DAF’s existing product range and to develop future trucks, engines and components. They are specialists in automotive technology, mechanical engineering, electronics, safety, hydraulic systems, engine development, aerodynamics, ergonomics and materials. The development of new technologies and new trucks is the core business at Product Development, which takes place in a high-tech environment and in close collaboration with the PACCAR Technical Centres in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Logistics Operations
Within DAF’s Manufacturing organisation “Direct Line Feeding” is key: parts are delivered directly to the assembly lines. As a logistics professional, you make sure that parts are delivered in the order they are needed in the production process. DAF manufactures trucks according to the build-to-order principle, and therefore delivery reliability is of the utmost importance.

Marketing and Sales
It takes more than just a good truck to succeed — DAF’s services, promotion and dealer network have to complement the product perfectly. The various departments within Marketing and Sales provide as much support as possible to the DAF sales offices throughout Europe and beyond, enabling them to concentrate on their core business: selling trucks and ensuring optimum service for the customers.

With fields like Internal Communications, Public Relations, Marketing Communications, Web & Projects, as well as the Visitors Department, the Communications department is responsible for building and maintaining DAF’s reputation.

PACCAR, the parent company of DAF, has purchasing organisations in Europe, China, India, North America, Mexico, Australia and Brazil. The European purchasing organisation of DAF is called PACCAR Purchasing Europe. PACCAR Purchasing Europe employs some 150 people in offices in Eindhoven, Budapest, Leyland and Prague. Purchasing plays a very important role in DAF’s success. More than 75% of the cost price of a truck consists of components purchased by DAF from suppliers all over the world.

Information Technology
Within the IT department you will work in an international multidisciplinary project environment. The IT department at DAF currently consists of 250 customer-oriented employees. They are responsible for the development, support and management of information systems for all users in Europe.

If you have a background in Finance, DAF offers you diverse career opportunities. The company is regularly looking for controllers or accountants for DAF’s Finance departments. In addition, DAF often have job openings at PACCAR Financial Europe, the finance company of DAF. As a financial expert, you will be intensively involved in DAF’s business processes. Consequently, important decisions are taken on the strength of your advice and knowledge of and insight into financial aspects of the company.

Human Resources
One of the main tasks of HR is to bring the human resource policy in line with DAF’s long-term objectives. As a HR specialist you will initiate and support the recruitment and advancement of DAF employees, as well as their deployability and development. HR is also the contact for complex individual questions from employees and managers regarding employee benefit plans and payroll. DAF also has its own Health & Safety department which is concerned with, among other things, absenteeism and working conditions.

In addition to the DAF Trucks Graduate Jobs summarised here, the company also offers Apprenticeships in partnership with its UK retailer and service network:

DAF Trucks Apprenticeships

Roles Available with DAF Trucks

DAF Trucks Graduate Jobs are available in various departments, both in the UK’s manufacturing and design centres, as well as several European locations. The range of DAF Trucks Graduate Jobs includes:

  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Purchasing
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Human Resources

DAF Trucks also offer a range of Internships in some departments and locations. Please refer to the DAF Trucks Graduate Jobs website for further details.

Education Requirements for DAF Trucks

Candidates interested in DAF Trucks Graduate Jobs should refer to the company’s website for details of education requirements for individual roles.

When can I apply for a Graduate Job at DAF Trucks

Please refer to the DAF Trucks Graduate Jobs website for details of when to apply for specific roles, as these vary according to the needs of the business. DAF Trucks Graduate Jobs are sometimes available in different departments throughout the year.

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