Graduate Jobs with Grainger & Worrall

Grainger & Worrall offers a range of Engineering Graduate Jobs and Undergraduate Placements at its design and manufacturing facility in Shropshire.

The company is at the global forefront of castings development and innovation, with over 70 years of experience in castings, tooling and pattern-making.

Grainger & Worrall believes that recruiting graduates and developing them within the business is a sound strategy for effective succession planning. To this end, each year the company recruits permanent Graduate Engineers, as well as undergraduate students on summer placements and 12 month industrial placements.

The Grainger & Worrall Graduate Development Programme involves an initial 4 month rotation through the main business areas to ensure a basic understanding of the main disciplines undertaken within the Company, giving you invaluable insight into these different areas including how they operate, the services which they provide, and how they interact and support other departments.

As part of the rotation between departments, you are exposed to and encouraged to learn how to operate and effectively use various types of hardware and software such as: CAD, CAM and 3D Printing, along with different methods of measuring and inspection of parts such as X-Ray and CT Scanning, all from highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers. Graduate Engineers will spend time using different technical hardware and software used for applications such as geometrical measurement and casting simulations.

After the department rotations, Graduates can settle into roles in a specific department, for example the Prototyping or the Series departments.

Prototyping Department
This department launches around 350 new projects a year, or an average of around 1 new project per day, every day, and is responsible for overseeing the manufacture of sample and production castings within the Prototype Foundries, along with aiding in the initial feasibility and design for manufacture of the castings.

Series Department
This department works on projects for customers including Aston Martin, Porsche and McLaren, meeting the demanding quantities of high performance engine castings that they require on a day to day basis.

Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology (MCMT)
Grainger & Worrall are part of the MCMT consortium which opened a new 36,000 sq ft training centre on the Stanmore Industrial estate, alongside consortium partners Marches LEP, Classic Motor Cars, Salop Design & Engineering, and training provider In-Comm.

The facility will provide apprenticeships and specialist training for existing staff. It has dedicated fabrication, lathe, metrology, milling, robotics and vehicle trimming sections, and a specialist CNC zone with more than £1m worth of machines donated by the Engineering Technology Group.

Grainger & Worrall also offer a range of Apprenticeships in Technical and Production-based roles:

Grainger & Worrall Apprenticeships

Roles Available with Grainger & Worrall

Grainger & Worrall recruit Graduate Engineers every year, with a career path leading towards the following roles:

  • Design engineering
  • Project management
  • Product engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Quality engineering
  • Machining engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Maintenance engineering
  • Production management
  • IT
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Purchasing

Education Requirements for Grainger & Worrall

Candidates should refer to the Grainger & Worrall Careers website for details of specific qualifications required for individual roles.

When can I apply for a Graduate Job at Grainger & Worrall

Interested candidates should refer to the Grainger & Worrall Careers website for details of application dates for specific roles.

To find out more about this Graduate Job at Grainger & Worrall register now:

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