Learn To Drive

Learning to Drive is a Rite of Passage to Freedom

Learning to drive can be an exciting but also a daunting experience. Passing your driving test at the age of 17 is probably one of the most important things you can do before leaving school. You can't vote or buy alcohol until you are 18 years old, but you can buy and insure a car and drive yourself around at any time to anywhere without having to rely on the Taxi Service provided by Mum, Dad, neighbours or friends.

Throwing away your Learner Plates is a rite of passage that represents freedom. But it also represents significant responsibility, not only to yourself, but other passengers and other road-users and pedestrians.

You can apply for a Provisional Driving Licence at the age of 15 years and 9 months if you plan to ride a 50cc moped at the age of 16. However, you cannot learn to drive a car until your 17th birthday. To learn about how to apply for a driving licence, visit the Gov.uk website.

However, if you want to learn how to drive before your 17th birthday, there are a number of organisations offering a range of different driving experiences at off-road facilities or motor racing circuits around the UK. These include taster lessons, through to a fully-structured course of driving lessons that mean when you turn 17 you should already be well-prepared to cope with the challenges of driving a car on the public roads.

There are also places where you can learn how to drive a 4WD off-road, or a rally car on a gravel stage, or a range of vehicles including buses, articulated trucks and cars towing trailers.

And, once you've passed your test and spent some time driving on the public roads, you should consider also taking your "Pass Plus" within 12 months of passing your initial driving test. As well as learning how to be a safer driver, Pass Plus may also mean you could be eligible for a discount on your insurance premium, depending on your policy provider.

Pass Plus training takes 6 hours and has 6 modules, covering driving in town, in all weathers, on rural roads, at night, on dual carriageways and on motorways. You won’t take a test but you’ll be assessed throughout the course. To pass you’ll have to reach the required standard in all modules. For more information on Pass Plus, click here.

Admiral Young Driver 01
Admiral Young Driver 04


Admiral Young Driver lets under-17s learn how to drive a car in the safe environments of a purpose-designed course, away from the risks faced by learning on public roads.

You will drive a brand new dual-control Skoda car and will learn how to start, drive, brake, corner, change gear, stop and even reverse - all on your first lesson.

Minimum height requirement: 1.42m.
Driving licence is NOT required.


If you have had a few lessons already and feel the need to go a bit further and faster, then you can attend the Admiral Young Driver Skills Events.

Learn to drive at 70mph on a full-sized motorway, practice the life saving "brake and avoid" techniques taught to police drivers and try your hand at advanced driving activities – all on the actual training grounds where front line emergency services staff practice their driving skills.

Minimum height requirement: 1.42m.
Driving licence is NOT required.
Minimum of two or more lessons with Young Driver already.

42 venues nationwide, including 2 venues in Wales and 3 in Scotland.


The Land Rover Start Off-Road driving experience will take you through a number of challenging off-road scenarios, including:

  • steering and braking techniques
  • reversing and slalom skills
  • climbing and descending hills
  • crossing ditches and ridges
  • driving in ruts, wet grass & mud.

Minimum height requirement: 1.4m.
Driving licence is NOT required.
Parents can travel in rear seats.


You will be driving a Range Rover Evoque automatic.

All vehicles are fitted with dual controls and the highly-skilled and friendly driving instructors are all DBS checked.

All youngsters will require a parent or guardian to be present, who can take part in the experience if they wish as a rear seat passenger.


12 locations nationwide, all off-road.


Under-17s can experience their first moments of freedom behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz car in total safety, with an Approved Driving Instructor in the passenger seat of a dual-controlled vehicle.

On a dedicated driving facility on part of the historic Brooklands motor racing circuit or off-road course young drivers will progress through a skill-based logbook of activities, unlocking rewards and additional benefits as they go.

Minimum height requirement: 1.5m.
Driving licence is NOT required.


HeadStart lessons allow young drivers to start learning to drive 12 months earlier than would be possible on public roads.

Through concentrated one-to-one coaching in a controlled environment away from the pressures and distractions of busy roads, they experience the thrill of driving and gain valuable practical experience that will give them a real head start when they begin their formal on-road driving lessons at 17 years of age.

Minimum height requirement: 1.5m.
Driving licence is NOT required.


Mercedes-Benz World
Brooklands DriveWeybridge
Surrey KT13 0SL

Mercedes-Benz World is open to visitors from 10am to 6pm, 7 days a week. Admission is FREE.


YoungDrive! will teach you the basics of driving by one of an elite team of highly trained instructors within the confines of a motor racing circuit.

You will be in control of a dual controlled MINI ONE as you practice essential car control and build your confidence.

The cars are fitted with dual controls and pupils will be accompanied by an instructor and will share the car with up to two others.

Minimum height requirement: 1.42m.
Driving licence is NOT required.


Motor Sport Vision is owned by ex-F1 racing driver and motorsport legend, Jonathan Palmer. MSV owns a number of motor racing circuits in the UK, and the YoungDrive! driving experience is different because you will learn on a motor racing circuit.

The YoungDrive! voucher includes cancellation cover free of charge. Spectators are permitted for no additional charge.

The experience lasts approximately 2.5 hours, including registration, briefings & up to 40 mins driving time.


Brands Hatch Circuit, Kent.
Oulton Park Circuit, Cheshire.
Bedford Autodrome, Bedford.
Snetterton Circuit, Norwich.


Perfect for those who under 17 and are itching to get in the driving seat but haven’t got a provisional licence yet, the Junior Drive Experience gives the ultimate driving initiation.

Take to the tarmac-handling pad in the sporty Renault Clio 200 Cup and learn the fundamentals of driving from an experienced instructor.

Minimum height requirement: 1.47m.
Driving licence is NOT required.


Designed to help you master the fundamentals of driving: clutch control, changing gears, pulling away and negotiating obstacles.

You’ll learn how to keep a consistent speed and line around corners, turn the car, navigate junctions and roundabouts, cope with oncoming traffic and understand how to spot potential hazards.

Silverstone Junior Driving Experience 01


Silverstone Circuit
NN12 8TN


A great junior introduction into rally driving!! This is a taster product.

Allow up to 2 hours at the venue but dependant on numbers on a ration of 6 juniors per car and instructor 2 hrs including briefing and demonstration.

Operates on school holidays and some Sat/Sun at least one date per month but sometimes more.

Minimum height requirement: 1.37m.
Driving licence is NOT required.


  • Safety and driving briefing.
  • Brief in-car demonstrations on handbrake turns and sliding.
  • Junior Driver gets into the driving seat for an awesome practice of handbrake turns then onto the skid pan driving donut style or figure of 8's.
  • Put into practice all your new found driving techniques and drive the full loose rally stage.
  • Finish off with an awesome high speed passenger ride!!!


Silverstone Rally School Ltd
Silverstone Park
Northants NN12 8TJ


Members get to drive a wide range of vehicles including cars, 4x4’s, Vans, Lorries, Artics and Coaches, which provides an understanding of the different skill sets needed to drive each class of vehicle.

A year's membership costs £295 for one child, or £475 for two or more children. For this you will have access to up to 34 days of driving a year, that is only £8.68 per day.

An initial joining fee of £50 applies for the first year's membership, which then entitles you to unlimited access to each and every driving day without pre-booking or further fees.


The Under 17 Car Club doesn't just cover the basics. The course covers all aspects of car control, taking members well above the standards required to pass the UK Driving Test, and includes learning skills such as:Understeer,

  • Understeer, Oversteer and Aquaplaning
  • Dual Carriageway & Motorway
  • Advanced Car Control
  • Skid Pan
  • Dealing with Peer Pressure
  • Speed Awareness

The Under 17 Car Club provides real life driving environments, replicating complex road systems, and access to a wide range of different vehicles.


Bovington Camp, Dorset
Castle Combe Circuit, Wiltshire
Devon Driver's Centre, Devon
Kempton Park, Middlesex
Long Marston Airfield, Warwickshire
Lyneham, Wiltshire
Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire
Throckmorton Airfield, Worcester