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NNL Apprenticeships

NNL Apprenticeships

The NNL Apprenticeships programme offers a wide range of roles at locations across the UK. Founded in 2008, the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is owned and operated by the UK government. It brings all of the UK’s nuclear R&D into one place. The NNL provides a range of nuclear services technology across the whole of…

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Automotive Apprenticeships

Automotive Apprenticeships - Suzuki Apprenticeships - Progress Suzuki Letchworth

There are a wide range of Automotive Apprenticeships in many different roles all across the UK. Most people only think no further than their local car showroom when looking for Automotive Apprenticeships. You are right to start with your local car showroom, because almost every car showroom has a service centre. And every service centre…

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BAE Apprenticeships

BAE Apprenticeships - EW momentum dotcom story_web

There are a wide range of BAE Apprenticeships at various sites all across the UK. These include roles in Engineering, Design, Business, Finance as well as Manufacturing. You can apply for BAE Apprenticeships at one of four levels, depending on whether you have 3 or 5 GCSEs, or also have A Levels. BAE Systems is a…

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Mercedes Apprenticeship

Mercedes Apprenticeship - Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG - 18C0618_090

If you are looking for a Mercedes Apprenticeship, you may only think these are on offer at your local Mercedes Dealer. This is a good place to start because most of them will offer a Mercedes Apprenticeship in the Service dept. These can either be as a Service Technician or a Parts Advisor. However, not…

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Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships

Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships - 66897mer

If you like heavy duty or large scale engineering, then one of the following Bus Mechanic Apprenticeships could be just for you. There are a range of exciting roles with Bus Dealers all across the country, either as a Service Technician, Parts Advisor, or Body Repairer. Working on buses is just as much of a…

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Truck Mechanic Apprenticeships

Truck Mechanic Apprenticeships - Essential Fleet Services Apprenticeship - Essentials Lincolnshire CC Arocs

There are a wide range of Truck Mechanic Apprenticeships available with some of the biggest names in the Transport and Logistics Industry. An Apprenticeship as a Truck Mechanic is ideal for candidates seeking a career servicing and repairing trucks, HGVs and other heavy vehicles. In addition, Apprenticeships are available at several companies and locations all across…

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Motorcycle Technician Apprenticeships

Motorcycle Technician Apprenticeships - Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports 0564

If you have a passion for motorbikes, you will be pleased to know there are may Motorcycle Technician Apprenticeships on offer all across the UK. BMW, Honda, Suzuki and Triumph all offer Motorcycle Technician Apprenticeships through their Dealer Network. These roles are aimed at young people who want to learn how to service and repair two…

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Body Repair Apprenticeship

Body Repair Apprenticeship - Classic Motor Cars

Most car brands offer Body Repair Apprenticeship roles at body shops all over the UK. This includes brands such as Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Volvo, and many more. However, in this blog, we are going to tell you about Body Repair Apprenticeship roles with other companies you may not know. There are Training Providers which…

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Apprenticeships in Northern Ireland

Apprenticeships in Northern Ireland - Claas Apprenticeship - Class Axion 810 with Service Technician

You may be surprised to learn there are many different companies offering Apprenticeships in Northern Ireland. In fact, the Automotive industry offers Apprenticeships all across Ireland. Almost every reasonable-sized town will have several car dealerships which offer Service Technician, Service Advisor or Parts Advisor Apprenticeships. Some will also offer Body Repair and Paint Technician Apprenticeships. However,…

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Jobs for 16 year olds

Jobs for 16 year olds - Triumph Apprenticeships - Triumph Bonneville

There are many jobs for 16 year olds – but do you know where to find them? Probably not. Because for the last 2 years, you’ve had your head in a book studying for your GCSEs. Or, at least, that’s what you should have been doing. But anyway, you’re 16 now, you’ve done your GCSEs…

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Bentley Motors Apprenticeships

Bentley Motors Apprenticeship - Apprentices Group Photo

The Bentley Motors Apprenticeship programme offers a wide range of challenging and interesting roles at the factory in Crewe. As one of the UK’s oldest luxury car brands, competition for an Apprenticeship with Bentley will be intense. Therefore, successful candidates must be able to demonstrate having achieved a very high level of academic achievement to…

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What is an Apprenticeship?

What is an Apprenticeship - Jaguar Land Rover Apprenticeships - Molly Cartwright

Have you ever wondered “What is an Apprenticeship?” An Apprenticeship is a structured training programme provided by a company to teach the required skills to the next generation of employees. Unlike University or College where a student learns a particular subject mainly through theory and classroom study, an Apprenticeship primarily involves training on-the-job. In addition,…

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