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Understanding Graduate Jobs

Graduate Jobs are full-time fixed term roles, targeted at those who have recently completed a University Degree. Most Engineering, Design or other technical roles usually require a qualification in a discipline directly related to the role available. Non-technical roles such as Business, Sales or Marketing, are often more flexible on the type of course studied.

Graduate Jobs: How long is the programme?

Graduates will often spend between 3 and 6 months rotating between different business departments. You will learn about different roles and will naturally develop a preference for where you might like to work in the future.

Graduate Jobs are effectively extended training programmes for jobs that the company will define in 2 or 3 year’s time. Think of it as an extended trial period for both the company and the employee, to learn about each other.

Graduate Jobs: Will I be guaranteed a permanent job?

Graduate Jobs - Audi Female Graduates

Graduate Jobs – Sales and Marketing with Audi

More than likely, Yes. Almost all companies take on Graduates with the intention of offering a full-time role at the end of the training period. It makes very little sense for a company to training you on all their systems, products and processes, for you to then walk away and take that knowledge to a competitor.

First of all, you will need to satisfactorily complete the required training elements of the scheme to be guaranteed a permanent job. You will also need to display an ethos and aptitude which fits with the company’s culture. Your will also need to convince your employer that you will be a valuable member of the team.

However, Graduates at Audi are guaranteed a permanent role upon satisfactory completion of the programme. You can choose to specialise if there’s a particular business area in which you believe you can be most effective. The Graduate Job is your opportunity to demonstrate where you can deliver the best results for the business. Click here for details of Graduate Jobs with Audi.

Graduate Jobs: When should I start applying?

Competition for Graduate Jobs is very fierce, often with many more candidates for the number of roles available. Companies compete to start recruiting before their competitors in order to attract the best candidates. For example, Aston Martin and Bentley open their Graduate Recruitment process in October each year. You will need to apply before the end of November or December, for roles starting the following summer after graduation. Therefore, it is important not to leave it until a few months before you graduate before you starting looking for a Graduate Job.

Graduate Jobs - The BMW i8 engine production team at BMW Plant Hams Hall

Graduate Jobs – Engineering and Manufacturing with BMW

The BMW Graduate Scheme in the UK is slightly different. BMW prefers candidates who have at least 6-months, but not more than 2-3 years, of relevant work experience. BMW also gives greater consideration to graduates who have also spent at least 4-months studying, working or travelling abroad. As a global company, BMW considers such experience shows a level of maturity, independence and international perspective. Click here for details of the BMW UK Graduate Scheme.

Where can I find the best Graduate Jobs?

Many companies attend Graduate Careers Fairs at Universities across the country. However, such events are limited to a very small number of companies in comparison to the actual number of companies who offer jobs for graduates.

Of course, you could also do a Google search – if you know which companies offer Graduate Jobs in your area of interest. For example, if you wanted to work for Bentley in Crewe, you might seach for “Bentley Graduate Job“. You’d probably find the information you need for the brands that you know. But as you’ve not yet started in the Motor Industry, how many brands do you know? And what do you do search for when you’ve run out of brands you know?

Graduate Jobs - Bentley Business Graduates

Graduate Jobs – Business, Finance and HR with Bentley Motors

That’s where can help. It is a searchable database of all the companies which offer Graduate Jobs in the Motor Industry. From car manufacturers and dealerships, to aftersales and classic car restoration. From motorsport to bus and trucks, from supply chain engineering to heavy plant construction equipment.

They are all right here on, with an easy way to search by location, by role and by qualifications. Companies you’ve never even heard of and wouldn’t know existed. Roles you could never know were available. is not a jobs listing website only showing jobs that are advertised for 30 days before they disappear forever. will show you all the things you need to know all year round. This means you can plan your Career. puts you in control of finding a wide range of Graduate Jobs in the Motor Industry.

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